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Welcome to Christian Gifts Place ‘Home Gallery’ where unique, high quality products are brought into the home for purchase. The ‘Home Gallery’ business was formed for one purpose, to share our ministry of “Lighting the Home with the Living Word,” with people who love the Lord, and help them create a worshipful environment in their homes with products that display scripture. Whether you are interested in selling our products as a Home Gallery Consultant or want to see and touch these quality products for your own purchase, it is a great way to be in fellowship with others who love the Lord.

Home Gallery

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn extra income and are interested in a home-based business opportunity, this might be for you. As a Christian Gifts Place Home Gallery Consultant you can enjoy the rewards of service, earning an income that suits a flexible schedule, while experiencing the joy of living out God’s purpose for your life – bringing glory to Him.

Please read the information below on our Home Gallery program. After reviewing, feel free to contact us at (866)834.0356, with any questions that you may have.

Home Gallery Consultant

The Christian Gifts Place Home Gallery Consultant’s role is to share the message of “Lighting the Home with the Living Word” and sell Christian Gifts Place products by planning, conducting and facilitating home parties. As a Home Gallery Consultant you can host parties yourself or invite friends to enjoy the benefits of being your “Hostess,” by hosting parties in their homes with their friends. Either way you receive the same commission and benefits.

Business and Ministry Opportunity

As a Home Gallery Consultant you are both leading a ministry and running a business. Your business is your ministry. You are helping people increase their focus on God and His Son Jesus Christ, very much like Moses did, as described in The Bible, Deuteronomy Chapters 6 and 11. Meanwhile, you are free to experience the joys and blessings of being an independent business person. This is done by bringing people together for home parties, and selling products that display the Living Word. You will be blessed by making new friends, enjoying fellowship with your customers, and helping equip many homes with the Word of God.

What A Home Gallery Consultant Does…

Pray that God will lead you in this ministry
Encourage your customers to “Light the Home with the Living Word
Plan and Conduct home parties
Collect and Manage customer orders
Submit orders (to
Deliver products to Hostesses and/or Customers
Identify Hostesses and invite them to host parties at their home
Promote new products to your customers as they become available
Manage your business - plan, do and review party plans and customer contacts

Hosting Your Own Party…It’s Easy!

You create a list of friends who you think will be interested in seeing and purchasing Christian Gifts Place products. Using the Christian Gifts Place invitations provided in your Start-up Kit, invite them to your party. Prepare an area in your home where you can display your Christian Gifts Place products for your guests to easily see and touch.

You are ready for the party! Here is what you do:

Introduce the display products, one by one, and highlight how they can be used in a home… where they might be best displayed… how they might be used as special gifts. You can spend time discussing the scripture that has been profiled on the product and highlight how that scripture may give encouragement in certain circumstances or how it may be used as a witness to those who enter into your home. Encourage your guests to take a closer look at the products to get a sense for their quality and texture… help them envision the products in their own home. Provide the guests with the full color product catalogs and order forms in your Start-up Kit so they can see more ideas for their home. After your guests complete their order forms, you then submit the total guest order to Christian Gifts Place using our online order tools or by mail or fax. We ship the product orders directly to either the Consultant or the Hostess. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Commission and Benefits

The Consultant’s benefits consist of four components: Commission on product sales, Product Discounts on products purchased for personal use, Cash Bonuses paid on achieving monthly sales goals, and Business Supply Credits to be used for purchasing business supplies.  If you are interested in our program, phone 1-866-834-0356 for further details.

Recognition For Sponsoring New Consultants

Additionally, the Company gives a gift to the Consultant each time they sponsor a new Home Gallery Consultant into the program.  This gift is in recognition of a Consultant’s commitment to extending the ministry of Lighting the Home with the Living Word through their leadership in nurturing and mentoring new Home Gallery Consultants.


The best part of being a Home Gallery Consultant…is fellowship in the home with other believers who love the Lord.  You might hear wonderful stories about how a certain Bible verse has been instrumental in someone’s life or simply how a specific verse really helped someone through a very difficult time.  This is a form of worship that brings great joy and glory to our Father… a blessing that will last forever.


Hostess Program

We are confident that as you experience the joy of the Lord’s blessing, you will want to share it amongst friends.  We encourage our Home Gallery Consultants to ask friends to consider hosting a party in their own home.

What A Home Gallery Hostess Does

It is the Hostess’ responsibility to create a comfortable home setting for the guests…the Home Gallery!  While the Consultant’s role is to introduce the Home Gallery program, to share the ministry of “Lighting the Home with the Living Word” and reviewing the products on display, the Hostess extends the invitations to their guests.  Together, you plan and organize the party so it is easy and enjoyable for all involved. 

The Hostess may also provide ideas on the types of products that the guests may find most interesting.  You will find that product interest will vary from party to party.  For instance, if the party will have mostly new Mothers or Mothers of young children, you will want to be certain to have products from our Baby Line on hand.  You may find that you need to brush up on some of the products prior to the party or that you wish to obtain specific products from Christian Gifts Place in advance so that they will be available to demonstrate at the party.

Hostess Rewards

The Party Hostess’ benefits consist of three components: A Free Gift for hosting a party,  Half Price Product Discounts based upon the party’s total product sales, and Party Booking Awards in the form of $ credits that can be used for purchasing CGP products. 


Hosting an Online Party


If you or your Hostess have friends that are too busy to come to a party, and are internet shoppers, we suggest hosting an online Home Gallery party. It’s Easy!

This is how an online party works. We send the Home Gallery Consultant an email that contains a web site link to, and a description explaining the online Home Gallery party. The Home Gallery Consultant then forwards the email containing the link and instructions to the e-Hostess. The email provides everything needed to conduct the online home party.

Don’t worry, we can help you – it is quite simple. The e-Hostess then sends an email, containing the link and online party instructions to the online guests. The guests receiving the email, then click on the link and do their shopping at The nice thing about online home parties is that the party is virtual as far as you are concerned. We, at Christian Gifts Place, do all of the work. The guests place their order online and include their shipping address and credit card for payment. Christian Gifts Place fulfills and ship the order. Then both the e-Hostess and the Home Gallery Consultant earn their commission and benefits.

Home Gallery Product Display Kit

We provide you with the Home Gallery Start-up Kit for a one time fee.  It includes a minimum of 12 products with a retail value of over $200; plus catalogs, invitations, and order forms for 25 guests.  This Start-up Kit is required to help you launch your business as a Home Gallery Consultant. 

Getting Started

Getting started as a Consultant is easy.  Simply phone us at 1-866-834-0356 to receive more detailed information.  We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

We pray your joy is complete in serving the Lord in spreading His Word and if this opportunity is right for you, that you find your role as a Christian Gifts Place Home Gallery Consultant a blessing.  


David and Jeana Dickinson

Owners, Christian Gifts Place

John 15:5-8

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