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Blessings Bowls by Alchemy IV

Blessing Bowl for Mom, Baby Blessings Bowl, Holiday Blessings Bowl & Home Blessings Bowl... all ready for gift giving!

Blessing Bowls

Beautiful polished aluminum, crackled bubble glass and handthrown stoneware... perfect gifts for Baby Showers, Weddings, Anniversarys, Graduations, and most any time people gather to pay tribute to a person.  Let them know how much they have blessed you by writing it down.


We are so sorry, but this line is no longer being manufactured!




What is in the Blessings Bowl® gift set?

Elegant paper and pen, rich ribbon and poetry, a handmade bowl, a distinguished box with ribbon closure, and the opportunity to touch someone else's life.  Instructions guide you gently through the process of creating your gift.

How does it work?

The Blessings Bowl® set allows you, the gift-giver, to personalize a paper scroll describing how the recipient has somehow touched your life. Poetry encourages the recipient to add their own scrolls to the bowl, documenting ways they believe they are blessed. The end result: a beautiful bowl full of reminders of the richness of their life.  The Blessings Bowl® can also be used as a recepticle to hold prayers, blessings, and well wishes from others.

What occasions would I use a Blessings Bowl?

Baby Shower - Use a Blessings Bowl to collect special prayers for the soon-to-be born child.  We suggest using the Baby Blessings Bowl (12 sheets), the Gathering Bowl (50 sheets) or the Glass Bowl (12 sheets).

Engagement Party or Wedding - Use a Blessings Bowl to collect special prayers and well wishes for the soon-to-be married couple or the newly weds.  We suggest using the Gathering Bowl (50 sheets).  You can also purchase additional velum sheets.

Graduation Party - Use a Blessings Bowl to gather prayers for the graduate.  We suggest using the Pewter Blessings Bowl (12 sheets) or the Gathering Bowl (50 sheets).

Retirement Party - What a wonderful way to send a retiree into retirement... Have all the co-workers jot down how that person has touched their lives and perhaps a special prayer.  We suggest the Gathering Bowl (50 sheets).

Anniversary Party - Celebrate the sacrament of marrige with a Blessings Bowl that can hold special prayers and memories for the married couple.  We suggest the Gathering Bowl (50 sheets).

Hostess Gift - Give the Hostess something special that will warm his/her heart for years to come.  Jot down how their gift of hospitality has touched so many over the years and place it in the Petite Blessings Bowl.  Instructions are included on how he/she can think of who/what has blessed their life.

Special Birthday Gift for a Best Friend - Give your BFF a special gift this year.  Jot down how they have touched your life and perhaps a special scripture for them.  Drop it in the Petite Blessings Bowl... It's wrapped and ready to give.

BIG Birthday Party - such as a 50th.  Let all in attendance have an opportunity to write down a special memory, blessing, or prayer for the Birthday Boy/Girl.  We suggest the Gathering Bowl (50 sheets).

Ordination - Celebrate Ordination with a Gathering Bowl, where all in attendance can write a prayer or blessing for the ordainee.  We suggest either the Gathering Bowl (50 sheets) or the Pewter Blessing Bowl (12 sheets).

Baby Baptism/Dedication/Christening - Use a Blessings Bowl to collect special prayers & scripture for the child.  We suggest using the Gathering Bowl (50 sheets), The Baby Blessings Bowl (12 sheets), or the Glass Bowl (12 sheets).  This will become a very special keepsake.

First Communion - Use a Blessings Bowl to collect special prayers for the child.   We suggest using the Gathering Bowl (50 sheets) or the Glass Bowl (12 sheets).  This will become a very special keepsake.

Confirmation - Pray for the Confirmand.  Jot down prayers and blessings for the young one and let them keep the bowl with blessings in their room to remind them of how much they are loved.  We suggest using the Gathering Bowl (50 sheets) for a larger party or the Glass Bowl (12 sheets) for a girl and the Pewter  Blessings Bowl (12 sheets) for a boy.

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